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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide

PubMed: Importing Citations into RefWorks


  • Perform your search in the PubMed database.  Check the box in front of the citations you want to keep.
  • Click the “Send To” button and choose the Clipboard.
  • PubMed will keep items in your clipboard for 8 hours, or until you log out.  You can go back to your search and add more items to the Clipboard if you like, or do another search and add items as you see fit.
  • When you are finished searching and want to export to RefWorks, go into your Clipboard (click the word "Clipboard" underneath the search box).  
  • Click "Send To" then "Citation Manager."  On the next page, click "Create File."

Your file will show up in your Downloads file folder, and as a recently downloaded file in the grey line at the bottom of your screen.  You have now saved your citations in a format that is readable to RefWorks;  now to import it.

  • In RefWorks, create a folder for the project (if you haven’t already).
  • Under “References” (top left), select “Import.” 
  • From the Import Filter/Data Source Menu, select “NLM PubMed.”
  • Do you see your folder icon in the grey bar at the bottom of your screen?  If so, you can drag your folder icon onto the “Choose File” button.   If it’s not there, you can find the recently imported folder in your Downloaded file.  Double click it, or drag and drop it on “Choose File.”
  • Click the “Import” button.  They will automatically be entered into your Last Imported Folder in RefWorks.

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