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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide

Importing Citations from Scopus

​​​​​​In Scopus, to save an article you want, click the box in front of the citation then “Send to List”  (you must do both:  Click the box AND click “Send to List”). They will be saved in your List until you log out.

To export to RefWorks, go into your List  (top bar) and choose "RIS Export" (note that you can also email citations to yourself from this bar).  A file will be created and will be in your downloads folder and will probably show up in a bar along the bottom of your screen. 


Import this file into RefWorks

  • Log into RefWorks
  • click “Add" then "Import References"
  • Select your file (either drag and drop it, or find it in Downloads)
  • Select which RefWorks folder you'd like to put it into (if applicable) and Import the file.

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