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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide

Using Tags as an Identification Tool

New Refworks has the ability to add tags (custom or predetermined) to citations.  It also has the ability to search by those tags. This guide will walk you through each of these capabilities.  

Creating Tags

RefWorks automatically supplies tags to your articles, based on keywords and other information.  You can create and use your own custom tags as well.


To add a tag to references:

  • Select the reference(s) you wish to tag.  In this example, two references are selected.
  • Click the Tag icon along the TOP toolbar.​
  • Type your tag name in the search box, or select the tag from the list of existing tags.  
  • If it's a tag you are creating, you will need to click "create tag for..."  and then save.
  • Repeat this step to add additional tags.
  • ​Click the Save button.

You can see all of our tags in the main reference view.  They will appear underneath the citation.  

Finding items using Tags

You can locate tagged references two ways:

1) Search for tags in the Search box in the top toolbar:  

  • click on the magnifying glass icon
  • type in your search term (your tag) and hit enter

2) Search for tags in the column to the left:  

  • Click on the Tags icon in the left-hand navigation to display all the tags used in your references, or to type in your search term (your tag).  
  • Select a tag and all of the references with that tag will be displayed.

Maps and Directions