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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about Transitioning to New RefWorks

Do you have a Legacy RefWorks account and are now ready to use New? Please review FAQ for general information.


For questions or concerns, email us at

For technical support, email:


Q: Do I have to use the new version?

A: Not immediately, but it will no longer be available at some point in the early 2020's.


Q: Do I need to create a new account to use the new RefWorks?  I've got an account in the older version.

A: Yes, you still need to create an account in New RefWorks..  You can do so at this link:   Do not use the same login credentials as you used with the old version of RefWorks.


Q: Where do I log in / Where do I create a new account?

A: for both


Q. Can I have accounts in both new and legacy at the same time?  

A. Yes.  Files in Legacy RefWorks are not deleted when they are imported to new RefWorks.  


Q. Can I work on papers in both versions at the same time?

A. Yes, but it may become confusing.


Q: Will all my citations transfer?

A: Yes.  Follow the steps from the tab to the left called "Already a RefWorks User?  Import Your Folders"


Q: Will the paper I started in the old RefWorks work in the new one?

A:  As the new RefWorks is still a "work in progress" at this point compatibility can not be guaranteed.  

  • If you are using RefWorks to collect citations and create a bibliography, you will be fine transferring your data to New.
  • If you are using Write-n-Cite (for in-text citations) in Legacy, there are still issues transferring to Write-n-Cite in New.  We recommend that a paper using Write-n-Cite started in legacy RefWorks be finished in legacy RefWorks.


Q: Can I still import citations from databases (PubMed, CINAHL, etc.) like I used to?

A: Yes.  Just follow the same steps as you did before.  You may get a screen that asks you to choose which version of RefWorks you are using.  Choose the new (blue) RefWorks.


Q: I accidentally deleted a citation that I want!

A:  Look for it in the Deleted tab - the very bottom filter on the left (blue).  Just click the box in front of the citation and move it back into the appropriate folder.

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