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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide

Import Your Folders

Import your folders from your old account.  These three steps will copy ALL of your folders into new RefWorks;  it will not delete anything from your old account. Following these steps will import all folders.  If you want to import only a select few, see the box at the bottom of this page.

First, go into ProQuest RefWorks.  For information on creating an account, click here..

1) Click on the + in the top toolbar

2) Choose Import References

3) Choose Import from another reference manager, then RefWorks

All of your citations from the old RefWorks will be copied into the new RefWorks.  They will be arranged in the same folders as before.  

That's it!  

How Do I Import Only a Few Folders?

The above steps will move ALL folders from Legacy to the New Refworks.  If you would like to import one folder of references from legacy to new RW, you will have to perform an export of the references contained in the folder(s) you want.

  • in New RefWorks, create and name a new folder (to do this, click the folder icon to the left)
  • in Legacy RefWorks, open the folder you wish to export.  
    • Under References (top left) choose Export.

  • Choose RefWorks Tagged Format
  • You will get a page that looks something like this:
  • Save that file (control S, or command S if using a Mac).  Make a note of where it is being saved to (Downloads, Documents, etc.).  It may also show up in a grey bar along the bottom of your screen.
  • Go into New RefWorks, to your opened folder.  Click on the + in the top toolbar  (do NOT simply drag the file onto the center of the screen, as you can with a PDF.  You need to Import it).

  • Choose Import References

  • ​You can either drag the file from the grey bar into the box that says "Drop Files Here," or you can select the file from where it was saved (Downloads, Documents, etc.).
  • Your citations will be imported into your new folder.

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