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Searching Ovid MEDLINE

The Ovid MEDLINE Search Screen

The search box below is the starting point for all Ovid MEDLINE database searches. If you are searching MEDLINE only (not Ovid Journals), you will have the option to use subject headings. Similar to MeSH searches in PubMed, a"Map term to Subject Headings" search brings you to a screen where you can further refine your search.  Ovid will then search for items that have been specifically identified as having your selected subject heading(s) as the main topic. View the "Subject Headings, Explode, and Focus" page of this guide for more information on subject headings in Ovid MEDLINE.


Combining Searches

Ovid MEDLINE works most effectively if you search for one subject at a time, then combine the searches.

  • Search on your first subject heading.  Results will be displayed at the top of the screen.  
  • Search on your next subject heading.  Do this for as many important concepts/subject headings you need.
  • Ovid will save each of your searches in the search history box until you log out.
  • In the search history, click the box in front of the items you want to combine;  Ovid defaults to using AND.  This means that results returned will have both subject headings as a major topic.

In this case, there are 88 items that pertain to both zika and malaria.  


Limiting Your Results

There are two ways to limit (or refine) your search in Ovid. The first is to embed the limits into your initial search by choosing a criteria from the blue area below the search box.  These limiters can be used after the initial search as well, as shown below.  The second set of filters is in the grey box on the left side of the screen.


Moving Your Citations to RefWorks

1. Perform your search in the Ovid MEDLINE database.

2. Select the items to send to RefWorks.

3. Click the Export button near the top of the Results Display.

4. Select RefWorks from the Export To menu.

5. Select the Complete Reference button from the Select Fields to Display section.

6. Click the Export Citation(s) button.

7. In RefWorks click the View Last Imported Folder button.


Maps and Directions