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Create a List of Your Favorite Journals

Want to create a list of your favorite journals?  If you often access the same journals, try this!

  1. Find the journal you want (do steps 1-5 on the "Find a Specific Journal" page in the list to your left)
  1. When you find the journal you want, click the “pin” icon.  This adds it to your Favorites.


  1. Find the next journal you want, and “pin” it as well.  Do this for as many journals as you’d like!


  1. When you’re done pinning journals, look for the pin icon in the upper right area.  Click it. It should bring you to a list of your favorite journals. Click on the title, then find 'Full Text Availability' and click on the publisher.



At any point in the future when you want to come back and read your journals from this list, just click on the pin icon in the upper right.  Your list should be ready to go!


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