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Searching Tips

This system is very user-friendly and is designed to make searching easy and fast.  Simply type your keywords in the search box and hit Enter!  There's no need to change either of the drop-down boxes.


Below are some things that might make searching a little bit easier.

  • Remember that this search box does not search all of RUSH's databases or journal subscriptions!  This search feature is designed for quick or preliminary searches. For the most thorough and complete search (for example, for a systematic review) you must also separately search PubMed, Scopus, CINAHL, etc.   It is impossible to tell whether a particular article will be available through PubMed only, through this search box, or both.  It depends on many factors, including whether or not the article is published under an Open Access model.
  • Log in for better access to full text articles, inter-library loan and more.
  • You can save (or "pin") specific citations while you're searching, and then later email links to yourself or do a batch export to RefWorks. To do so, just click the pin icon.  This will add the citation to your Favorites.   


Pinned (saved) items can be emailed or batch exported to your email, RefWorks using the icons shown below.  To do so, click on the pin icon in the upper right corner, then click on "More" (the three dots).  You will get the options shown below.  Clicking on any of the icons will export all items that you have saved in your Favorites.


  • Send individual citations to email or RefWorks:  In addition to pinning citations and creating a set of Favorites (as shown above), you can send individual citations to email or RefWorks.  To do so, just click the email icon (the envelope) or the RefWorks icon (the letters "RW").

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