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CINAHL, PsycINFO and other EBSCO databases: Importing Citations

To import citations from CINAHL, PsycINFO or other EBSCO databases into Covidence, follow the steps below to first create a properly formatted file, then import that file into Covidence.

Create a Formatted File

Run your final search string so that all the citations you want are returned.  You have two options to export results.  If you have a small number of results, you can use the Folder and put citations - 50 at a time - into the folder, then export the folder.  If you have a large number of results and don't want to move batches of 50 into a folder, you can have the database email you a file.

Folder option (batches of 50)

Look for the drop-down box labled "Share"

Inside the drop-down box, choose "Add to folder"

The first 50 results (all those on the current page) will be sent to the Folder.  At the bottom of the screen, move to the next page, and repeat the steps above.  Continue until all citations are in the Folder, at which point you can click the Folder icon in the green bar at the top.

Choose Export (to the right), then change the format to "Direct Export in RIS format", then click "Save."  Your results are saved in an RIS format (which Covidence will accept).  You can access this file either in your Downloads folder, or it often shows up in a grey box along the bottom of your screen.  You have now created a properly formatted file that is ready to be imported into Covidence. 


Emailed File Option

If you have a large number of results it may be faster to have the database email you a formatted file.  To do this, after you have run your final search string, look for the drop-down box labeled "Share."

At the bottom of the list of options is one for "Export Results: Email a link..." Click that. 

It will ask for your email address.  NOTE:  we recommend giving it your RUSH email address AND a separate email address (perhaps your personal email address).  RUSH's security systems often do not let this file into our email accounts.   Also make sure you send the file correctly formatted in RIS.

A zipped file will be sent.  Covidence will not accept a zipped file, so you must do a few steps to make the RIS file contained within accessible.  To do this, download the file from the email, click on it to open it, then drag-and-drop the actual RIS file into your downloads folder.  In the example below, you can see the zipped file, which was opened by clicking on it, and then the RIS file within was copied (with a drag and drop) into the same Downloads folder, where it is now accessible and able to be imported into Covidence, You have now created a properly formatted file that is ready to be imported into Covidence. 


Import into Covidence

Go into Covidence and Click "Import" from your review's main dashboard page.

If you are importing citations to screen, change the drop-down box to "Screen."  Click "Choose File" and either drag and drop the file from the grey bar along the bottom of your screen, or find it in your Downloads folder.  Click "Import."

Covidence will automatically begin importing the citations from the database.


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