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Google Scholar: Importing Citations

To import citations from Google Scholar into Covidence, follow the steps below to first create a properly formatted file, then import that file into Covidence.

Create a Formatted File

You must have a Google account in order to use My Library to export citations.  This is the same login information you use for Google Docs, Gmail, etc.   Once in Google Scholar, click Sign In in the upper right corner.  Once you are signed in you will see "My Library" in the upper right. We will use My Library to do the exporting.

First run your search string so that the search results represent the citations you wish to import.  We recommend you change the Settings (the icon with the three bars) so that 20 results are returned on a page rather than the default setting of 10.

For each citation, you must click the star under the citation.  This puts the citation into your Library.  Click all 20 stars on this page, then move on to the next page and click each citation's star on that page as well.  Continue onto additional pages. Click the stars until all desired citations are in your Library.

Once all citations are in your library, click on "My Library" in the upper right area of your screen.  Click the box at the upper left so that all citations are selected, then change the format to RefMan.  This will download all 20 citations on this page.  You will need to repeat these steps until all citations are downloaded, 20 at a time.

A file will be created and will be accessible from your Downloads folder.  You might also see it in a grey bar along the bottom of your screen.  You have now created a properly formatted file that is ready to be imported into Covidence. 


Import into Covidence

Go into Covidence and Click "Import" from your review's main dashboard page.

If you are importing citations to screen, change the drop-down box to "Screen."  Click "Choose File" and either drag and drop the file from the grey bar along the bottom of your screen, or find it in your Downloads folder.  Click "Import."

Covidence will automatically begin importing the citations from the database.


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