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Exporting to a Citation Manager

One thing that Covidence does NOT do is create a bibliography for you.  However, it's a quick process to export those citations into RefWorks, which  can then immediately create a bibliography in the style of your choosing (APA, AMA, etc.).

In Covidence, from the main page (your review "dashboard"), choose "Export" in the upper right area.  Select which set of citations you want to export (if it's the citations in "Extraction" then choose "Included"), and the Refworks.  Click Export.  A file will be created and will be shown on that same page.  Click on "Download" to send it to your Downloads folder.

Login to RefWorks.  Click "Add" then "Import Citations."  Drag (or select) your file and the citations will import.   If this is your only project in RefWorks, you can click "Create Bibliography."   If you have more than one project and need to add these to a folder, assign them to the folder and then "Create Bibliography."


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