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Tests and Measurements: How to Find Them

Tests, Assessments, Evaluations

The ability to make an accurate assessment is critical in healthcare.  Tools to evaluate a patient's psychological status, ability to perform a particular function, dependence on drugs/alcohol, and many more are often available through the Library of RUSH University Medical Center.  

However, many of our databases contain articles about various tests but do not contain the test itself.  This is often due to copyright issues.  Please note that not all tests are available for free, as many of them are published, copyrighted, and available only for purchase.  If this is the case we will not be able to fulfill your request, even if you submit a request through ILLiad, our interlibrary loan system.

Types of Tests and their Availability

The American Psychological Association divides research instruments  into two broad categories - "published" (commercial) and "un-published."

  • "Published" tests are generally only available from a commercial publisher for a fee. 
  • "Unpublished" or "Non-Commercial" tests are sometimes reproduced in books or academic journal articles. 

The APA has a concise guide about tests and other evaluation instruments.  Their report "Finding Information About Psychological Tests" can be found here:


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