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Guide to using CINAHL

How to Save Search Results

Have you have completed a search and found some citations you'd like to save?  Just click the folder icon to the right and the citations will be put into a folder for safe-keeping while you continue to search.  However, CINAHL does not keep folders; once you've closed the window or logged out, your folder is lost.  Follow these steps to save your search results in a custom folder.  

Note:  You MUST have an account with CINAHL before you can save searches!

  • conduct your search and save the results you want to keep into a folder.  

  • Click on the folder icon along the top tool bar.  Along the left column, towards the bottom, you will see the links that allow you to create a new custom folder.  Click on New, by My Custom.

  • You will be brought to a screen where you can name your folder for easier retrieval.  Click Save when you are done.


To  Retrieve Your Saved Folder and Its Contents

From the main search screen, look for your custom folder at the bottom of the left column.   Click on the word "Articles."



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