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Guide to using CINAHL

Evidence Based Care Sheets

CINAHL also offers concise evidence-based summaries of many common diseases, treatment options and other medical information.  To access these, click on CINAHL from the Library's main web page, then choose Evidence-Based Care Sheets from the banner at the top of the screen.

Type in your keyword (e.g., "diabetes"), and hit "Browse." You will get a list of all areas within that subject which have a Care Sheet associated with it. Select any relevant topics, and click "Search."


Links to your care sheet(s) will appear on the next screen.  To view the full document, click on the PDF icon or the green "Get It @ RUSH" button. You can save a citation to a temporary folder by clicking the light blue folder icon to the right of the citation.  

Your care sheet will look something like this.


Maps and Directions