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Scopus is a citation and abstract database, similar to PubMed.  It is the largest database we offer, as it contains over 80 million citations (PubMed has over 30 million).  Scopus has a broader scope than PubMed, as Scopus includes citations from areas as diverse as engineering, physics and technology.

Scopus provides much information about author output. To begin, start at the library website and click Scopus (located right underneath PubMed).  On the main search screen, click "Author," then search by name or ORCID number.  Clicking "All" then "Show documents" will show you your citations that have been indexed in Scopus.  This does NOT show you all documents published by this author, only those that are included in the Scopus database.


Notice that Scopus also provides an H-index number.

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