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Have PubMed notify you when your articles become indexed in PubMed

Would you like to know when your articles become available in PubMed?  Follow the steps below and you will get an email from PubMed when your articles are added to PubMed.  Note: This will not let you know when your article is published;  rather, this is specific to letting you know when an article is added to PubMed.

First we will set up a query in PubMed that returns all your articles currently indexed in PubMed.  If you have a distinctive last name you might be able to get by with just searching by Author.  For most people, a search by Author and also affiliation (RUSH) returns citations that are limited to those that you authored.  The example below sets up a query based on author name and affiliation.

1) Go into PubMed.  Log into your My NCBI account.  The login (or option to create an account) is in the upper right area of the main PubMed screen.

2) Click on Advanced (under the main search bar)

3) Using the drop-down box, change the first field from "All Fields" to "Affiliation" and type in RUSH University.  Click "ADD" and it should show up in the Query box below.

4) Go back to the drop-down box and this time change it to "Author."  Type in your information;  usually last name followed by first intial works well.  Click "AND." 

5) Now both should show up in the Query box.  Click Search.  This will show you all articles that PubMed has indexed that have your name as Author, and RUSH as Affiliation. Note: even if this Query returns zero results, you can still set up PubMed to notify you when new citations are added. 


To set up the alert function, first do all of the steps above, then:

1) click on Advanced again (under the main search box on the main PubMed screen)

2) click on the three dots in front of your search query, then choose "Add query."

3) It will look like nothing happened, but your search has been saved.  Once again, click on the three dots in front of your search query.  Now click "Create Alert."

You will be brought to a page with some options to personalize the way you get results.  Make sure you change the "Frequency" option to "Daily," so that you get new results on a daily basis.  

That's it!  You will get an email from PubMed when a citation that meets this query criteria (the name and affiliation you specified) are added.

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