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PV Wizard

The PharmacoVigilance Wizard (PV Wizard) provides tools for in-depth literature searches.  It provides alternate names (often trade names), and search strings for potential adverse reactions and also for special populations (such as children or pregnant women)

Under "Drug Name" type in the name of the drug you are researching.  Embase will provide you with the best term for searching. Click "Next Step."

It will also provide you with a list of Alternate Drug Names in the filter to the left.  Choose the ones you want, or leave it to the default of All.  Click "Next Step."

The next step, "Adverse Drug Reactions" gives you a list of potential adverse reactions.  If you want all of them to be included in your search, click "Next Step."  You also have the opportunity to edit this list.

"Special Situations" is the next step.  As above, click "Next Step" to accept all, or edit if needed. 

"Human Limit" is last.  Again, click "Next Step" if you want all of these populations, or edit to remove the ones you do not

When you are finished, click "Show (number) Results" at the bottom.

Maps and Directions