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Introduction to Embase

What is Embase?  ×

Embase is an online database that covers the biomedical and pharmacological fields. Embase can be an Ideal source of citations for advanced literature searches such as systematic and scoping reviews

Embase offers Emtree, a retrieval tool similar to MeSH (offered by PubMed and Ovid). Emtree uses a controlled vocabulary to index and sort articles within Embase, allowing users to find related articles by searching on a single Emtree term. 

Embase offers:

  • 32 million+ records
  • 8500+ currently published journals from 90+ countries, nearly 3000 of which are not indexed by PubMed 
  • grey literature, including abstracts from over 11,000 conferences
  • extensive drug and pharmacy literature

Note: this tutorial pertains to Embase as accessed via Elsevier. Embase is also available via the Ovid interface. For more information on accessing Embase through Ovid, please reach out to a librarian.


Many thanks to the library staff at the Gumberg Library at Duquesne University for their guidance in formatting this guide.

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