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NEW "My NCBI" Account Login Process (Summer 2021)

Starting in summer 2021, PubMed will have a new process to log in to My NCBI. Please note that there is no change in how RUSH students and faculty access PubMed or get full-text of articles through our subscription process.  The only change is in logging into My NCBI, which is where you do advanced PubMed features such as saving PubMed searches, setting up alerts, etc.  See our guide on "Why Have a My NCBI Account?" for more information (listed in the tabs on the left side of the screen).

In June 2021 the NLM will no longer manage the sign-in process for My NCBI.  You will have to link your My NCBI account to a third-party (or federated) authenticator such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft.  This should be a one-time process.  There are no changes to your My NCBI account itself, just the login process.

The NLM has published a page of FAQs which you can access here   There is also a blog post with background information that you can access here

Can you give me step-by-step instructions?

The following is from their FAQ page (link above).  You can click the link that says "Log in" (upper right area of the PubMed main webpage) to start the process of signing in to MyNCBI.

Maps and Directions