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Exporting into RefWorks

RefWorks allows you to import references from the PubMed database into your RefWorks account.  

Find your citations in PubMed

  1. Perform your search in the PubMed database.  Check the box in front of the ones you want to import to RefWorks.
  2. Click the “Send To” button and choose the Clipboard.  Do NOT choose “Citation Manager” (even though it seems like the obvious choice).
  3. You can do this several times; that is the point of the Clipboard.  It's like online shopping;  you are putting things in your "cart" but here it's called a Clipboard.  PubMed will keep your Clipboard results for 8 hours or until you log out.

Once you are done searching in PubMed  are ready to import to RefWorks:

  1. Click on the word "Clipboard" (underneath the search box)
  2. Click "Save"
  3. As shown in the box below, make sure the drop-down box is as shown:
    1. Selection:  "All results"
    2. Format:  "PubMed"
    3. then click "Create File"
  4. Your file will show up in your Downloads file folder, and as a recently downloaded file in the grey line at the bottom of your screen.  You have now saved your citations in a format that is readable to RefWorks;  now to import it.


Go into RefWorks

  1. In RefWorks, create a folder for the project (if you haven’t already).
  2. Click the + sign at the top left and choose "Import References"
  3. See the bar that reads  "Drop file here or select a file from y our computer"?  Drag and drop the folder icon, or find the file in your Downloaded file and drag that over and drop it into the bar.
  4. Citations will automatically be entered into your Last Imported Folder in RefWorks.
  5. Move the items from Last Imported to the project-specific folder you just created.

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