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What can My NCBI do for me?

My NCBI is a free account that PubMed users can create to keep their research organized.  In the account, users can store search strategies they have created on specific topics.  Users can also store Collections.  Collections are groups of specific citations that a user wishes to keep indefinitely.  Collections can be edited at any time.  My NCBI recent search histories are saved for up to six months allowing the user to return to the search if necessary.

MyNCBI also allows users to highlight search terms!  See the box to the left for more information.

If you do not already have a My NCBI account, look for the link to create an account in the upper right area of your screen.

Creating and Saving a Collection

Collections is a feature that allows you to save a set of citations for future use.  You can create a collection by either saving an entire set of search results, or specific citations.

 - to save an entire set of search results, simply click "Send to" then "Collections"


- to save specific citations, first save those citations into a Clipboard.  To save items to the Clipboard, check off the box in front of the citations you with to save, then click "Send to" then "Clipboard."

To access your Collection, click on your profile link in the upper right area of your screen, then click "Dashboard."

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