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Library Orientation for Occupational Therapy (OT)

This guide includes several occupational therapy resources and information to assist you with your research.

Occupational Therapy eJournals

Using the eJournal List

The Library’s eJournal list is a searchable, alphabetical list of journal to which our library subscribes.

  1. From the library homepage, select the e-Journals option in the search box. The box's background will be a purple color after you select e-Journals. 
  2. In the search box, type the title of the journal (American Journal of Critical Care)
  3. The results show which database(s) offer full text access to this journal, and the range of publication dates that each one offers. From the citation, we know that the article of interest was published in 2011. Select a database that includes full text of the journal for 2011.
  4. This takes us to the base page of the journal in the selected database. We can browse by year, volume, and issue or search for our article using the first few words of the article title.

Maps and Directions