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Systematic Reviews

How Will the Librarian be Given Credit?

Regarding librarian credit: 

It is considered best practice to include a librarian as a team member when conducting a systematic or scoping review.  Acknowledging a librarian helps your paper, as it lets readers know that you followed this recommended best practice. 

  • If you plan to include a librarian-developed search strategy (either as an appendix or in the text), please acknowledge the librarian by name.  Copying and pasting a search string, word-for-word, justifies an acknowledgment by name.  Possible acknowledgment:  “We would like to thank (librarian) from the Library of RUSH University Medical Center for her work on the literature search strategy for this review.” 

  • If the work was extensive and the librarian made a significant contribution (such as refining the topic, many extensive reviews of the search strategy, and/or writing part of the methods section, etc.), co-authorship is merited.  Please get in touch when you start drafting the Methods section of the paper. 


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