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Guidelines: How to Find Guidelines in the Databases

Finding Guidelines in CINAHL

There are two ways to find guidelines in CINAHL:  Using filters, and looking for articles in which the word "guideline" appears up in the title.

1) Using a Title Search

If you want to limit your search in CINAHL to those where the word “guideline” is in the title, type the word     Guideline*    into the first search box and change the drop-down box to Title.  Then fill in the search boxes below with your search terms and hit Search.


2) Using a filter (this usually returns slightly more than the method above)

To find guidelines using the filter, follow these steps:

1) Open CINAHL and click on "CINAHL Subject Headings.”  On the next pages, type in "Guidelines."

2) From there, click on “Practice Guidelines” then “Search Database. "

3) That will put the search term “Practice guidelines” into the search boxes.  Just fill in the search boxes below with your topic's search terms and hit Search.

​This will return all articles that were tagged as being a guideline and also match the subject term you entered.

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