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Guidelines: How to Find Guidelines in the Databases

Finding Guidelines in PubMed

There are two ways to find guidelines in PubMed: Using filters, and looking for articles in which the word "guideline" appears in the title.  

  1. Using a Title search
    When looking in PubMed, you can also limit your search results to those that have the word “guideline” in the title.  To do that, add this phrase (using AND) to your search:

    So your search might look like this: 
    CLABSI AND guideline*[title]
  2. Using a filter
    This usually returns slightly more than the method above. PubMed has a filter for guidelines. To find guidelines using the filter, follow these steps:
    1. Go into PubMed (click the link on the library's home page) and search on your topic. 

    2. Next, click  on “Additional Filters” in the left column.

    3. Click on Guideline, and then Show. 
    4. This makes it show up as an available filter on the PubMed search page, so you need to click on Guidelines again (under Article Types in the left column) when you do your searches.

      PubMed will now return all articles that match the search terms you entered and were also tagged as being a guideline.

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