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Journal Selection and Metrics

Google Scholar Metrics

Google Scholar provides lists of journals, ranked by their journal ranking systems (h-index numbers).  This can be very helpful when deciding which journal to submit an article to. For detailed instructions on accessing this information, click here.

Which metrics are used in Google Scholar Metrics?

You can access the following journal metrics via Google Scholar:

  • H-index (Hirsch index)
  • H5-index
  • H-core
  • H5-core
  • H-median
  • H5-median

For definitions of these metrics, click here.



  • Articles published from 2009 to 2013
  • Articles in journals which published greater than 100 articles between 2009 and 2013


  • Small journals (i.e., those that publish fewer than 100 articles in a 5 year span) are not represented
  • Journals whose websites do not comply with Google Scholar's inclusion criteria are not represented (as they cannot be accurately indexed)
  • Limited primarily to journals in English

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