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Evidence Based Practice (EBP): Critical Appraisal of Study Designs

EBP Research Process

  1. Convert information needs into focused questions:
  2. You may wish to use the PICO model (linked below) to define a clear clinical question that incorporates the Patient/problem, Intervention,Comparison, and Outcome.
  1. Efficiently track down the best evidence with which to answer the question:
    • Select a database in which to start (see our recommended list of EBP databases, linked below)
    • After searching, refine your results as needed using limiters. As shown in the pyramid of evidence to the left, certain types of literature are considered most useful in answering clinical questions. Many databases allow you to limit results by study type.
  1. Critically appraise the evidence for validity and clinical usefulness.
  2. Apply the results in clinical practice.
  3. Evaluate performance of the evidence in clinical application.

 *Adapted from UIC University Library's Evidence Based Medicine research guide.

Maps and Directions