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Coding at Rush

Language-Specific Tutorials

Below are some tutorials on specific languages or applications (note: at this point, these are not vetted;  just examples).


  • is on option for downloading the program.  It also has tips for beginners through advanced users.
  • Microsoft Store is another place you can access and download Python, with tips on the process.
  • Using Python for Research is a free Harvard 5-week course that promises "Take your introductory knowledge of Python programming to the next level and learn how to use Python 3 for your research"
  • PY4E, or PYthon 4 Everybody, is a website of introductory lessons, resources, and a book (free in epub/PDF format, but also available for sale via Amazon).  


  • LearnR is an interactive tutorial with examples and exercises
  • Data Science: R Basics Harvard provides this 8-week long course that students can audit for free


  • Excel Easy teaches Visual Basic to enable you to do macros in Excel

Maps and Directions