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Anti-Racism & Racial Justice Resources

"Anti-racism is an active and conscious effort to work against multidimensional aspects of racism," Georgetown African American studies professor Robert J. Patterson .


Welcome to the Anti-Racism & Racial Justice Resource Guide created by the Racial Justice Action Committee (RJAC) in collaboration with the Library of RUSH University.  We've curated a list of e-books, articles, media, and additional resources that provide insight, education, and understanding of anti-racism and racial justice.


“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

- Angela Y. Davis

Our Commitment to Racial Justice

Be The Change!

"As a leadership team, and on behalf of our entire organization, we stand against racism and injustice of any kind. Racism and its manifestations in police brutality and the vast inequities in the criminal justice, educational and health care systems are a public health emergency that cause poor health and premature mortality. In order to achieve our mission to improve health, structural racism must be dismantled."

Dr. Omar Lateef, CEO, RUSH University Medical Center
Dr. Sherine Gabriel, President, RUSH University, and Chief Academic Officer, RUSH University System for Health
Dr. Ranga Krishnan, CEO, RUSH University System for Health


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