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RSS Feeds, Saved Searches, & Email Alerts

Useful RSS feeds, feed finders, and feed readers for health science practitioners.

Creating a Scopus RSS Feed

Once you have an RSS reader, you can add, or subscribe, to your Scopus RSS feed, using the following steps:

  1. Go to one of these pages:
    • Document search results page
    • Search history frame
    • Author details page Document details page
    • Affiliation details page
    • Alerts page within alert types
  2. Click the ‘Set feed’ icon , opening the ‘Subscribe to RSS Feed for Scopus’ search page.
  3. If necessary, edit the suggested name for the feed.
  4. Click ‘Continue’, and a URL is created for your feed.
  5. Copy and paste the URL into your RSS Reader, and it will retrieve the latest articles in Scopus that match your search.

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