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Rush University Medical Center Archives

Welcome to the Rush University Medical Center Archives. The Rush Archives, a department of the Library of Rush University Medical Center, is the official archival agency of Rush University Medical Center and Rush University.



  • RMC seal1837: RUSH Medical College was founded by Daniel Brainard, MD, (1812-1866) and chartered March 2, 1837, two days before the city of Chicago received its own charter.
  • 1871: The school's building at Grand and Dearborn was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire.
  • 1870s: After the Fire, the school was relocated to Chicago's West Side, where it remains to this day.
  • 1883: The Presbyterian Hospital of the City of Chicago was established in affiliation with RUSH Medical College.
  • 1887: The College became the medical department of Lake Forest University.
  • 1898: This relation was dissolved by mutual consent in April 1898, and in the same month an affiliation with the University of Chicago was established.
  • 1924: In May 1924, a new contract was executed between the RUSH Medical College and the University of Chicago, and RUSH became more of an organic part of the University.
  • 1941: RUSH Medical College and the University of Chicago terminated their relationship, and RUSH closed its doors soon after.
  • 1969: In July 1969, the Board of Trustees of RUSH Medical College approved a merger of RUSH Medical College with Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital, and the RUSH-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center was established.
  • 1972: RUSH University was founded in 1972 and came to include RUSH Medical College, the College of Nursing, the College of Health Sciences, and the Graduate College.

Several items from the RUSH Medical College Records, #4707, have been digitized and are available online. 

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***RESEARCH TIP: RUSH Medical College served as the medical school of the University of Chicago from 1898 to 1941. The Alumni Association of RUSH Medical College merged with the University of Chicago's in 1924. Because of this merger, RUSH's alumni newsletter, The Bulletin, ended in 1924. Alumni updates for the original RUSH Medical College after 1924 can be found in the University of Chicago Magazine. To explore these campus publications (both University Publications and Student Publications), please visit the University of Chicago Library's Campus Publications site below:

For more information about the affiliation between RUSH Medical College and the University of Chicago, explore a story map of the history of University of Chicago Medicine:

Rush Medical College I, 1837-1942

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