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Rush University Medical Center Archives

Welcome to the Rush University Medical Center Archives. The Rush Archives, a department of the Library of Rush University Medical Center, is the official archival agency of Rush University Medical Center and Rush University.

Rush History Videos and Related Content

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Learn more about the Time Capsules salvaged from the cornerstones of historic RUSH buildings that were demolished in 2016: 

"Time Capsules Reveal RUSH, City History" from RUSH News

Learn more about the Historic Salvage Project for the demolished Superblock buildings:

"Holding on to Pieces of RUSH's Past" from the RUSH InPerson blog

Emily Blackwell at RUSH Medical College: Janice Nimura, author of The Doctors Blackwell, speaks at RUSH (2022) [RT: 1 hour]

Screenshot of virtual eventJanice Nimura's award-winning book, The Doctors Blackwell: How Two Pioneering Sisters Brought Medicine to Women and Women to Medicine, delves into the lives of Elizabeth Blackwell and Emily Blackwell (who briefly attended RUSH Medical College, 1852-1853), the first women to receive medical degrees in the United States.

In this event, Nathalie Wheaton, RUSH University Medical Center Archives, introduces Emily Blackwell's time at RUSH Medical College, her relationship to founder and president, Daniel Brainard, MD, and further historical context for Chicago's first medical school.

This event was hosted by RUSH’s Women’s Leadership Council, in partnership with RUSH’s American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), and the RUSH Archives. [Presented February 2, 2022.]

For more on Janice Nimura and The Doctors

Recording available here: [LINK]

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Diversity and Anti-Racism in RUSH’s Past and Present (2020) [RT 55:00]

Hosted by RUSH Alumni Relations: A virtual event featuring RUSH University Medical Center archivist, Nathalie Wheaton, MSLS, and a student representative for RUSH's Racial Justice Action Committee and current third-year in the medical college, Niyi Soetan. We will start by exploring RUSH's past and how RUSH Medical College awarded David Jones Peck, MD, a doctor of medicine degree in 1847, making him the first Black person to receive this distinction from an American medical school. While learning more about Dr. Peck and his history at RUSH, Niyi will help connect the past to the present with his personal experiences in medical school as a Black man and how that dovetails with current diversity and anti-racism efforts at RUSH. [Presented September 30, 2020.] [LINK

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